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Questions About the Nuclear Future of Krasnoyaria. (russian.) 1 Nov 2017

Alija of the classified information from the USSR yesterday and today. (russian.) 1 Nov 2017

Branches of Fictitious Work. (russian.) 5 Oct 2017

The future underground research laboratory in Zheleznogorsk. (russian.) 10 Sep 2017

Denis Zharkikh: "Only left will bring Ukraine out of crisis". (russian.) 30 Aug 2017

New position region of the USA. (russian.) 30 Aug 2017

Heartland. (russian.) 6 Aug 2017

Open letter to the General Director of JSC "Krasnoyarskgeologia" A. Khokhlov. (russian.) 13 July 2017

Heroes of Israel. (russian.) 1 July 2017

The fate of radioactive waste in Russia. (russian.) 8 June 2017

That hide the USA in Israel. (russian.) 4 June 2017

Why the world is powerless against terror. (russian.) 1 May 2017

A problem for the millennia and Security of Russia. (russian.) 1 May 2017

"Global collection of bases" of the Pentagon. (russian.) 1 Apr 2017

Satanism religion - 2. (russian.) Liberalism as environment of prosperity of a Satanism. 4 Mar 2017

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   Terrorism... War... Danger...
Security Breach And Spilled Secrets Have Shaken The N.S.A. To Its Core. A Serial Leak Of The Agency`S Cyberweapons Has Damaged Morale, Slowed Intelligence Operations And Resulted In Hacking Attacks On Businesses And Civilians Worldwide. By Scott Shane, Nicole Perlroth, David E. Sanger, The New York Times, 14 Nov 2017
Exclusive: Hillary Clinton is in "secret negotiations" with ex-British spy Christopher Steele to buy SECOND "dirty dossier" on Trump`s romantic englements with Russian women, claims Clinton author. By Ed Klein, The Daily Mail, 10 Nov 2017
Bin Laden`s views on Arab Spring revealed in family journal. By Aya Batrawy, Maggie Michael, Malak Harb, Sinan Salaheddin, Malaka Badr, The Washington Post, 6 Nov 2017
The New Cold War. The Editors. The Weekly Standard, 6 Nov 2017
8 dead after truck plows into people in New York City in "cowardly act of terror": Mayor. By Emily Shapiro, Aaron Katersky, Josh Margolin, ABC News, 1 Nov 2017
Catalonia`s independence movement is not just a problem for Spain. Aversion to centralised power is destabilising states across Europe. The EU ignores this growing desire for regional autonomy at its own risk. By Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, UK, 29 Oct 2017
Russia - U.S. Diplomatic Dispute Could Endanger Syria Investigation. By Rick Gladstone, The New York Times, 24 Oct 2017

   Radiation contamination
Questions About the Nuclear Future of Krasnoyaria. (russian) By Komlev V. N., engineer-physicist, retiree, Apatity, special for, 1 Nov 2017

   Foreign News
Russia Rues Trump-Putin Meeting That Got Away. U.S. hawks "ready to kill" detente hopes, Russian senator says. By Henry Meyer, Ilya Arkhipov, Bloomberg, 14 Nov 2017
Trump Is Ceding Global Leadership to China. By Antony J. Blinken, The New York Times, 10 Nov 2017
The Quiet Rivalry Between China and Russia. China`s "One Belt, One Road" initiative, an economic expansion plan... By Robert D. Kaplan, The New York Times, 6 Nov 2017
North Korea Rouses Neighbors to Reconsider Nuclear Weapons. By David E. Sanger, Choe Sang-Hun, Motoko Rich, The New York Times, 29 Oct 2017
Putin`s rage triggered by Obama`s moves. Fearing meddling by U.S., Moscow now turns to "hybrid warfare". By Dan Boylan, Guy Taylor, The Washington Times, 24 Oct 2017

   Nuclear engineering of Ukraine
Ukraine Expects Trump to Approve Arms Deliveries. Ukrainian lawmakers are optimistic that the White House will give the green light for long-sought weapons. By Emily Tamkin, Dan de Luce, Robbie Gramer, The Foreign Policy, 29 Oct 2017

Mueller Immediately Closes Investigation After Hearing Putin Proclaim His Innocence. By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker, 14 Nov 2017
Medals and insignia of Suvorov Military Schools and badges of military valor. (russian) 10 Nov 2017
Russia Investigation Has Tech Giants Shying From "Social" Label. By Daisuke Wakabayashi, Mike Isaac, The New York Times, 6 Nov 2017
Alija of the classified information from the USSR yesterday and today. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 1 Nov 2017
Ransomware Ripping Through Russia and Ukraine Uses Stolen NSA Code. "Bad Rabbit" hit media organizations and other targets this week and utilizes an exploit revealed by the U.S. losing control of its hacking tools. By Joseph Cox, The Daily Beast, 29 Oct 2017
A Russian Ghost Submarine, Its U.S. Pursuers and a Deadly New Cold War. (russian) A resurgence in Russian submarine technology has reignited an undersea rivalry that played out in a cat-and-mouse sea hunt across the Mediterranean. By Julian E. Barnes, The Wall Street Journal, 24 Oct 2017


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The Case of "Hot" Particles
The Case of "Hot" Particles

Taiwan Spent Nuclear Fuel Scheduled for Storage in Krasnoyarsk (pdf-version, 1358 ъс)
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